Meeting Rules and Expectations

    • The mission of The Writer Workshop is to provide useful feedback and critique to GLBTQ writers of all experience levels. The Workshop will be a work in progress and therefore the rules and expectations of the workshop will shift as necessary to accommodate the participants.

The foundation of The Writer Workshop is a supportive environment for GLBTQ writers of all experience levels to feel comfortable sharing their work and receiving feedback.

Here are a few basic ideas that help foster this environment:

      • Come prepared to participate. The workshop process works best for all involved when we actively participate and engage in the work of giving and receiving feedback.
      • Critique the writing, not the writer (No blood on the floor).
      • Offer comments to writers about what works as well as what can be improved.
      • Just as Elmore Leonard recommends that we “write tight,” we should also “critique tight.” Get to the point, share your ideas, and move on.
      • If you take a printed copy, mark it up. There’s nothing worse than getting back printed pages without comments. Printed copies are the best place to mark punctuation and grammar issues rather than taking up feedback time to talk about them.
      • when receiving feedback, don’t defend your writing. Ideally, the writing should stand on its own. It is strongly suggested and encouraged that readers should remain quiet while receiving feedback (unless a clarification is necessary). [This one is easier said than done…]
      • Contradictions in critiques happen all the time. So, writers should take the critiques that seem most helpful and resonnate with them and their work in progress and leave the rest behind.