October Craft Book

The craft book for October is A Dash of Style by Noah Lukeman.

The first practical and accessible guide to the art of punctuation for creative writers. Punctuation reveals the writer: haphazard commas, for example, reveal haphazard thinking; clear, lucid breaks reveal clear, lucid thinking. Punctuation can be used to teach the writer how to think and how to write. This short, practical book shows authors the benefits that can be reaped from mastering punctuation: the art of style, sentence length, meaning, and economy of words. There are full-length chapters devoted to the period, the comma, the semicolon, the colon, quotation marks, the dash and parentheses, the paragraph and section break, and a cumulative chapter on integrating them all into “The Symphony of Punctuation.” Filled with exercises and examples from literary masters (Why did Poe and Melville rely on the semicolon? Why did Hemingway embrace the period?), A Dash of Style is interactive, highly engaging, and a necessity for creative writers as well as for anyone looking to make punctuation their friend instead of their mysterious foe.

September Craft Book of the Month

The September 2018 craft book is a foundation piece every writer should read: The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White.

I don’t make new year resolutions. I have a standing desire, to become a better writer. To that end, I usually take time around the first of the year to reread The Elements of Style. The advice remains solid for writers of all genres. And, I love the touch of humor that has been injected throughout the book.

Join us for a  discussion of The Elements of Style on Wednesday, September 26th at The Writer Workshop at The Center, 2:30 pm.


The Writer Workshop with Gregory A. Kompes has received funding via an Artist Express Grant from the Nevada Arts Council. Gregory will be “Artist in Residence” at The Center through December 2018. So, a huge thank you to the NAC and the NEA for your support of our project.